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Story idea #1

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I was thinking about my story pitch this week, and I realized the last time I had to do this was in reporting class. My mind instantly fell into the university bubble, where I covered most of my stories that bitter, car-less Fall semester. I realized after my first INF shift and through talking with my classmates that most of the stories for WUFT are actually concentrated off-campus, in not only Alachua County, but also surrounding areas. But in the spirit of my first week, I am giving myself a university pass because I kind of like my story idea.

RecSports offerings for the new year—

New group fitness classes, free weekend warrior workshops.

New group fitness classes: Ballet Strength, Recovery and Sampoorna Yoga which will be stretching out to 75 minutes in duration instead of the traditional 60 minutes.

Also, weekend warrior workshops are a new thing, and they are free to students and RecSports members. They are held once a month throughout the Spring semester and include themes such as barefoot running, triathlon training and women on weights training.

And the Florida Pool will be open unless the outside temperature reaches 45 degrees or less, in which case swimmers can migrate to the Stephen C. O’Connell Center pool.  In addition, I would find out if swimming is closed this time of year at Lake Wauberg because of temperature.

This would basically be a round-up of new information about the gym, pool and group fitness classes offered. I think it would be a more interesting and informative spin on the “gyms see ramped up attendance in light of New Year’s resolutions” stories we see every. single. January. (Love you, Alligator stringers!)


Ambre Sheehy, RecSports Coordinator for Fitness- Group Fitness & Small Group Training,, (352) 273-4056

Michelle Alexander, RecSports Coordinator for Parks & Outdoor Recreation,, (352) 466-4112

Group fitness instructor for any of the new classes mentioned

Student attendees of new class


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