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Week 3, Story Pitch

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This week I was not in the newsroom because of the holiday.

Story pitch:

Peaceful Paths Annual Dinner and Board of Trustees Meeting, Monday, Jan. 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Sweetwater Branch Inn.

Background: This is a meeting that will happen on the day of my next INF shift. The public is invited (as long as they RSVP) to hear about the organization’s upcoming activities and news about its expansion project. Peaceful Paths is a domestic abuse network that serves victims of domestic abuse in Alachua, Bradford and Union Counties. It is a safe place that offers emergency shelter, counseling services, children’s programs and violence prevention programs to its patrons. The center has been operating for almost 40 years. Household names like Sheriff Sadie Darnell and Rep. Charles “Chuck” Chestnut hold places on the current list of the Board of Trustees. I have pulled all of this information from the Peaceful Paths website.

Pitch: Why is a meeting like this important? There are important area officials invested in this organization’s mission. Especially in the wake of Arbor House, a shelter for homeless pregnant women, announcing its closing, more nonprofits in the area will need to step up their missions. Will Peaceful Paths absorb any of the women who might have otherwise gone to Arbor House? Where exactly does Alachua County (and its surrounding counties) stand on this issue of domestic violence? 1,170 arrests for domestic violence were made in Alachua County in 2011, according to data from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. I searched high and low, but given more time, I would like to find statistics on how many women versus men are affected by domestic violence in this area. It would be ironic if we found that nationally we are championing women’s newfound rights to fight in combat, but even in our homes we cannot seem to get it right.


Theresa Beachy, Executive Director of Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network, 352-377-5690,

Florida Statistical Analysis Center,, 850-410-7140
Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement

Meeting attendees


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