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Week 4 Story Pitch

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This week at my INF shift I came up with basically the same idea that one of the TV students brought up in the story idea meeting. When we discussed the idea, we ended up scrapping it because we thought it would be too hard to get in contact with the sources we needed at that time in the morning.

Story Idea: Localize the Brazilian nightclub fire

Background: On Sunday, a fire started in a nightclub killed more than 230 people. Most of the deaths were attributed to smoke inhalation and the inability to escape the packed building, due to an apparent lack of a sufficient number of exits, according to the Associated Press. This is what we knew by my shift last Monday, but by now we also know more information, such as an explanation of why the fire started and additional deaths of hospitalized people.

Pitch: Though I usually try to stay away from “localization” pieces, I thought this had a great degree of relevance for the Gainesville community. UF has been known for its party school status. On any given night, Midtown’s crowded bars and clubs can be found overflowing into University Avenue. If we had worked on this story, I would have liked to reference any of the UF party school ratings. I would also like to have the opinion of fire officials and club owners about fire safety. But, again, the story was nixed because of how difficult we thought it would be to get statements from club owners at 10 a.m. Certainly, TV couldn’t have gotten any good shots of the clubs truly in action at that time of day.

Sources & Questions:

Krista Gonzalez, Risk Reduction Specialist, Gainesville Fire Rescue. Questions: What laws/codes are in place in Gainesville to prevent events like the Brazilian nightclub fire? Do you think nightclubs in Gainesville are following these rules? What are the repercussions if not?,

101 Cantina, 352-283-8033. Questions: (Building off of information gathered from GFR) What do you think about these fire safety guidelines? In light of the Brazilian nightclub fire? Are there any special fire safety measures your business takes into account?






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