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Story pitch 7

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My idea from last week was nixed.

This week, as I stated in my journal entry, I pitched an idea about the conditions of our beloved citrus in lieu of the freeze the night before. The night before reached a low of 28 degrees.

According to a Reuters article, citrus crops left in weather colder than 28 degrees for more than four hours are subject to damage. I thought we were cutting it close, and even if there was no damage to the crops, it would be nice for the readers of WUFT to know the conditions. Sometimes, as professor Foley taught us, the fact that there is no change can be a story.

The Florida citrus industry generates about $9 billion a year, according to Florida Citrus Mutual. The crops are important to our state economy, creating about 76,000 jobs directly and indirectly. This is why this story is important to our readers.

Florida Citrus Mutual spokesman Andrew Meadows, 863-682-1111

UF Citrus Research and Education Center, 863-956-1151

Dr. Corene J. Matyas, associate geography professor with a specialization in tropical climatology,


How has citrus in the Gainesville area fared from last night? How have the UF citrus crops been? What has been forecast for the season? Any comments about the citrus industry this time of year? What conditions are typically damaging? What does it mean for our economy? Are any other main crops affected?

Status of this story:

It was actually worked on! Web producer Jenna Lyons did the story. Also, TV considered it.


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February 21, 2013 at 8:14 pm

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