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Diary Week 9

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It was a slow news day today. Dana, the Web producer, finished her In the News early, so I assigned her a fun little factoid piece about daylight saving time. I also assigned her a short piece on early voting in Alachua County for the mayoral election. She completed both stories faithfully.

Before any stories came in, I was scouring the WUFT website for things to correct.  I made a couple of minor changes to a story already published about sequester cuts affecting North Florida airports. I changed a “cancelled” to “canceled.” I also capitalized the first letter of it’s when part of a complete sentence following a colon: “The Ocala International Airport will also be feeling the impact of the sequester: It’s one of the airports with a control tower staffed by contractual employees.”

When I got to Dana’s In the News, I made a few changes. I added a comma to a sentence that was structured as an independent clause+conjunction+independent clause. I made some changes with word choice. I changed Catholic Church on first reference to Roman Catholic Church, against my gut but in line with AP Style.

Professor Sheehan then assigned me to a quick write-up warning drivers on State Road 121 and U.S. 441 about possibilities of incoming smoke. It was really fun to write. I liked the urgency in getting it up fast, to best warn drivers in a timely way.

I then edited Dana’s “Five little-known facts about daylight saving time.” I changed “states who chose” to states that chose. I changed Northern Marianas to the Northern Mariana Islands, upon looking it up. I abbreviated Senator Darren Soto to Sen. Darren Soto. I deleted an extra space. I placed attribution at the end of a sentence, added a comma to another sentence, reworded a few phrases and changed affect to effect for a noun. I also deleted the hyphen from draw-backs. Instead of “U.S. law states…” I changed it to “Under the current U.S. law…” based on the prevalence of sentences with “states” used as a verb.

The last piece I worked on was online reporter Samantha Shavell’s story on brain research awareness activities going on.  I reworded a phrase, added a comma, deleted a comma at one point and lowercased the b in brain. I also shifted attribution to the end of a sentence. I changed a phrase from “brainwaves were working strong” to strongly for the last word.


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