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Diary Week 10

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I can’t believe it is the 10th INF week already. It was a more eventful shift for me than last week.

When I came in, I started brainstorming story ideas. This is a part I enjoy about my job. I love consuming news.

Before the story idea meeting, I helped Samantha find a source, which subsequently lead to another source, that she could use for her story. I also came up with my story idea for the week, just in time to discuss it with Christina before heading up to the meeting. The day before marked the end of a 200-mile march the Coalition of Immokalee Workers made from Immokalee to Publix headquarters in Lakeland. Upon discussion with Christina, we decided the idea was a little too far out of WUFT coverage reach, but we clued Web producer Dana in on including it on In the News.

After the story pitch meeting, I exported a few audio files from KLZ for Dana to work on. I was told to provide an excerpt for the Morning News in 90. I had never done this for Morning News in 90, and I wasn’t sure of the format. So I just listed quick heds for each of the stories. Also, when I was in the post, I noticed the word “report” used to mean “resort,” and I changed it. I also changed the byline provided from a generic newsin90 to the name of the anchor, Faithful Okoye.

I then started on a longer story about Florida census results. I added a word, added a link to a ranking report, added a hyphen to “fastest growing” and changed metro on first reference to metropolitan. I was at loss for any style recommendations on whether to describe cities as x number of minutes or miles away from each other. I ended up keeping what the writer put. I also added a comma, removed Florida from Florida Gov. Rick Scott (on a story completely about Florida), capitalized the c’s in Starke City Clerk, changed census to U.S. Census Bureau, and capitalized the title County Administrator immediately before a name. Plus, I lowercased the B’s in baby boomer and changed a wording.

For In the News, I didn’t know whether to capitalize the “L” in secretary of labor. There was no Stylebook entry. The New York Times had “secretary of labor,” and the Los Angeles Times had “secretary of Labor.” I also made some typical edits like adding a comma, rewording a phrase, adding a fact that helped with the story and deleting a sentence that didn’t really contribute to the information.

That’s all for now, folks!


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March 21, 2013 at 10:58 pm

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