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The status of last week’s tax story is that it didn’t get completed. I assigned it to an online reporter, but she couldn’t get in touch with very many sources and kept getting routed to corporate numbers. Not what we wanted, but she tried very hard. UPDATE 4/19: I forgot to add this, but the story did get completed and published! The reporter simply waited to get in touch with solid sources before jumping the gun. Also, one of the sources shares my name, so that is pretty cool. Well done, Ashira, and just in time for tax day.

For this week, I thought it was newsworthy that the Coalition of Immokalee Workers wrapped up its 200-mile march on Sunday. My shift was Monday, making the story timely. Protesters walked from Immokalee to Publix headquarters in Lakeland, where they urged Publix to join the coalition is treating farmworkers fairly, according to an article by the Naples Daily News.  The only thing that was off was the proximity issue, which is the reason we decided to lay the story to rest. But we did include it in Monday’s In the News.

The march took protesters two weeks long. It included over a hundred farmworkers and their families, along with hundreds of members of the public. The walk was an effort of the Fair Food Program, which has been a four-year initiative to get major grocery chains on board with farmworker rights and fair wages.


Richard MacMaster, rmacmast (at), 352.371.6772

MacMaster is the Gainesville contact for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. He is also part of Gainesville’s Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice, which has been a group involved with various protests for farmworker rights at Publix and Wendy’s.

Sheila  Payne 831.334.0117, Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice

Questions: What does this protest mean for Gainesville? What kind of progress was made for the Fair Food Program? Are there any programs/events for the coalition that are happening in Gainesville soon? What are some of the requests of farmworkers in the coalition? Are there any farmworkers in Gainesville? How do private-owned groceries like Ward’s stand up to the coalition’s standards of fair treatment?


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March 24, 2013 at 12:00 am

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