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Diary Week 14

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Things are winding down. I sat in on the story idea meeting. Stories coming in from online reporting students were scarce because they were all finalizing their enterprise stories. I’m excited to see those.

Editing In the News, I just came across something that didn’t seem right:

Before: Police Chief Steve Holley says the camera has allowed officers to see a drug deal in progress, get to an intoxicated driver before he drove away, and witness a car crash.

After: High Springs Police Chief Steve Holley said the camera had allowed officers to witness, among other things, a drug deal and a car crash.

I changed says to said. And even though I knew what the writer meant at first, the sentence just didn’t seem parallel in all of the things it involved. I also added High Springs, because even though the dateline was in High Springs, I know it’s a small town and it could be likely that a police officer from another area could have been involved. I just felt safer including it.

Then I added the bullet points to Morning News in 90.

I also worked on an MMC2100 student’s story submission. It was good, but it was lacking timeliness. I tried to work with the writer to get this, but through slowness on the writer’s part to get back to me and my miscommunication with the editor coming in after me, the story kind of just got lost. By the time I received the information I needed, Christina and I determined the story irrelevant in the time aspect. It was frustrating, because I usually work hard with students to shape up their stories.


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April 21, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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